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Textile Reinforced Air Hose

Mainly used for conveying of air, inert gas and water in mining, construction, engineering, shipbuilding, steel production etc.


Multi-Purpose Hose

“Multiple Purpose” hoses are commonly seen in a wide range of air, water, or other fluid applications.


Jackhammer Air Hose

Heavy duty air hoses used in mining, drilling.Typically a higher cost heavy duty air hose will be more resistant to pressures, heat, oil, and abuse.


Wire Reinforced Air Hose

This hose will provide long service life in heavy construction, mining, or quarry applications.


Hot Air Blower Hose

Hot air hose is a specialty hose for the bulk transport / tank truck industry only.


Aeration Hose

Used to make the dissolved oxygen in the water reach higher amount and enhance the air density.