Hot Air Blower Hose

Hot air hose is a specialty hose for the bulk transport / tank truck industry only. These hoses are typically made of high grade EPDM rubber to resist high temperatures. EPDM rubber is NOT suitable to transfer gasoline or oil, so it cannot be confused with the petroleum transport / tank truck industry.



Tube: Black EPDM

Reinforcement: Multiple plies of polyester tire cord with wire helix

Cover: Black heat resistant EPDM rubber


Hot Air Blower lexible lightweight hose designed for

transferring hot air to tanks on dry bulk material trucks.


-30°F (-35°C) to +300°F (+149°C)

up to 325°F (+177°C) on an intermittent basis.

Not for steam service


●EPDM tube and cover for high heat resistance.

●Temperature range up to +177°C(intermittent)

●Excellent flexibility,exceleent anti aging.

●All sizes are full vacuum

Hot Air Blower Hose