Jackhammer Air Hose

Heavy duty air hoses used in mining, drilling, and construction are subject to a range of elements and factors that will degrade the hose, so users should consider the life expectency, frequency of use, and type of elements the hose will be subject too. Typically a higher cost heavy duty air hose will be more resistant to pressures, heat, oil, and abuse.

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Tube: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, black color.

Reinforcement: 1ply or 2ply high tensile polyester thread braiding

Cover: NR & SBR synthetic rubber, smooth or wrapped surfac, black, yellow, red available


For jackhammer applications.

Temperature: -40℃(-104℉)to 70℃(+158℉)


●Assembly with coupling available

●No leaking

●Easy to handle.

●Weather, heat and ozone resistant.

●Excellent abrasion resistance.

Jackhammer Air Hose