Composite Hose




Composite hose, like other hose, provides the vital flexible connection to compensate for vibration, movement, or misalignment in a fluid transfer system. It can be used for delivery and/or suction of fuels, oils and lubricants on tank

trucks, railcars or fixed deposits.


● 40% lighter than the rubber hose which has the same diameter and length.

● Excellent flexibility Good positive and negative pressure resistance

● Excellent corrosion resistance for chemical liquid medium

● Outstanding flame retardant property

● Anti-static Long-term durability

Composite Hose Specification

Note: Three capital letters are used for the composite hose. The first capital letter means the inner wire; the second capital letter

means the outer wire; the third letter means the carcass.

S—stainless steel 304/304L/316/316L   G—galvanized steel   E—Polypropylene   T— PTFE


Composite Hose-Specification

Note: 1. The maximum diameter of the camlock can reach 150(6”), other specifications are according to customers’ requirements.

2. The outer diameter changes with the inner diameter.