Install Fittings to High Pressure Hoses

Installing fittings problem is the basic problem when you install a high pressure hose. If the connector is not installed well then the following matters cannot be happened smoothly no matter to say the security of the operation of the machines and equipment. Therefore we will talk about attentions to the problem of high pressure hose fittings installation in the following:

  • A high pressure hose cannot be bend overly no matter it is moving or still, nor bended in the roots. If it is necessary at least in 1.5 times of its diameter.
  • High pressure hose should not be pulled too tight when it was moved to the extreme position, it should be more relaxed.
  • Try to avoid the twisting deformation of high-pressure hose.
  • High pressure hose should away from the heat radiating member as far away as possible, and install insulation board if it's necessary.
  • Avoid external damage of high pressure hose, such as the use of long-term friction with the surface of the member.
  • If the weight of the high pressure hose causes excessive deformation there should be having bracket pieces.

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